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Bookmarking Tutorial

Hello everyone….

In my last post I mentioned 3 basic facts of SEO/SMO learning. Let us begin with the 1st one ,  —- BOOKMARKING

What is bookmarking / Social bookmarking ?


SEO Basics

Learning 1

Hii everyone,

Lets start our learning of SEO with some basics…..

Coming to the point we must know

  •    What is SEO??
  •     Why SEO??
  •     How to Learn ??

Pre Knowledge

  • With me …. no prior knowledge is required. 🙂

OK lets Start



Three things to learn

  1.    Directory
  2.    Bookmarking
  3.   Blog commenting



Submitting your site to various directories is required, but remember the fact of “page rank”


Creating bookmarks for your site in various social and non-social bookmarking sites


Commenting on various blogs mentioning your site URL.


Ways to do

To learn how to do these basic 3 things…… wait for the next update…